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Chef Extraordinaire with her unique signature

Gourmet infused Bahamian Cuisine

Dining Experience

Your dining experiences at Stafford Creek Lodge are unforgettable. Exquisite, satisfying, mouth-watering, palette tantalizing, local and international cuisines all professionally created by Chef Stacy, with her warm, friendly, personable personality, will have your taste buds craving for more, from breakfast to dinner time.

Each meal, whether it's breakfast, lunch, hors d' oeuvre or dinner is served with distinct, unparalleled and incomparable class by an incomparable server with upscale professionalism that electrifies the ambiance of the dining atmosphere at Stafford Creek Lodge.

Mamma Dumpling aka "Chef Stacy"


Every meal at Stafford Creek Lodge is worth writing home about, thanks to our extraordinary chef, Chef Stacy Smith. With her knack for keen attention to detail when it comes to her culinary skills and delivery, has added many new seafood dishes to her menu.  After a short and impactful stint in Italy this past September, Chef Stacy's dishes, though par excellence, have been taken to another plateau. Chef Stacy will take your dining experience to a whole new level.

Chef Stacy takes great care in paring each meal with the wine that most compliments the meal, to ensure each bite is unforgettable!Each meal is prepared with the freshest seasonable fruits and vegetable, and always fresh, never frozen seafood.

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